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April 9, 2024

Stay-At-Home-Mom And Running A Business

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Being a Stay At Home Mom and Business Owner

So you’re wanting a peek into the crazy of my life? Welcome to it! Like many others out there, I feel that being a parent is my number one priority. Where this gets confusing at times is facing my own personal growth and goals. This is where becoming a business owner while staying home with the kids has become my saving grace!

Facing Some Mental Battles

I’ve got two littles and one on the way that I stay at home with… so saying my hands are full is an understatement. BUT, the other thing on my mind is re-discovering who I am. After actual years of reflection, part of my personality that I can not get past is that I have both a creative and logical brain. Many people associate more with one side, but personally I have never been able to. This mental battle has made me question why working for a company and having a boss has been so taxing on me. The answer is that working for someone else hasn’t allowed me to express both sides of myself.

Fast forward to creating my business. My loving husband has been encouraging and supportive of my journey of self-discovery after the major changes of welcoming babies into our life. Since starting my business, I have found a safe haven for my brain to go wild – to learn – to feel a sense of accomplishment. But don’t get me wrong: being a stay at home mom & business owner is challenging in itself!

Finding a Balance Between Parenting and Business

The most challenging aspect of running my business as a stay-at-home mom is finding a work-life balance. Sure during the day, I put my childrens’ needs above any task that I am running into. However, when I am deep into a project in the evenings, I am still working on finding a place to step back. 

I am so blessed that my kiddos go with the flow, they are healthy and they are loving little bundles of joy. But as a mama, I definitely am still testing out methods of making sure that there is consistency in our evening routines.

Staying Home and Running a Business Ain’t Easy

Hear me out, I’m happy with the decisions I am making in both my business and family life, but this balance isn’t made for the weak! Being a stay at home parent is tiring… exhausting some may say. Add on running a business and it sometimes feels like insanity! It is challenging to feel like a focused parent and simultaneously a focused business owner. BUT I have dreams that my family and I will look back someday, thankful that we all worked so hard to get to where we are.

To keep up on how my business is growing and changing, check out my website here.

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