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If you are in the initial growing stage of your business, your online presence is the first place to scale. Bear Design Company is designed for start ups and entrepreneurs. To assist in growth. To attract ideal clients. To create a professional stance in your competitive market. 

Your business speaks to who you are, where you came from, and where you plan to be. This is where Bear Design Company can help bridge that gap.

As someone who started my own business, the first place I looked was at similar business's websites. This is when I had the realization that our first intuition is to check out the online nature of a company before taking them seriously.



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Personality into each aspect of your branding

Combining beauty and logic to create a compelling platform

Having a background in mathematics and coding, Bear Design Company will bring professionalism and aesthetics to form converting websites that introduces and elevates your online presence. Your brand personality is a major focus in developing your website and branding.

Bear Design Company was inspired by family. I was going through a family cookbook when I had the idea to create an online cookbook that was a combination of all the extended family's favorite recipes. As I was deep in my creativity making this website, my wonderful husband said "why don't you do this? Like as a business?" 

Since family was ultimately the inspiration behind my new venture, it was only fitting to name it after a large symbol in my family: the bear. Strong, powerful, and closely related to me becoming a mama bear myself. With two little cubs, everything I do is motivated by them. 



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